The Morons Of Coronavirus 

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Cereal Muah
Cereal Muah 5 годин таму
Fubarecognition 5 годин таму
Where the fuck have you guys been?
Mauricio Pavon
Mauricio Pavon 5 годин таму
great vid!! at least we got H3H3 back thanks to corona hehehe
Payton Stark
Payton Stark 5 годин таму
my boy quackity
Talinite 5 годин таму
“Their morals, their code; it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. When the chips are down, these civilized people? They'll eat each other.”
UnknownUzer 5 годин таму
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="401">6:41</a> the callousness you refer too is at the core of what was called "death panels" when debating socialized healthcare in the US. It is epitomized recently in Italy when the govt proclaimed that the elderly will not be treated and again in the UK when the most vulnerable was placed at the bottom of the list for any medical service, basically hand choosing who is worthy of living. aka "Death Panels"
drew miner
drew miner 6 годин таму
Matt Borel
Matt Borel 6 годин таму
MDE Fan Account
MDE Fan Account 6 годин таму
Can't wait to see Hila's onlyfans
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 6 годин таму
GENGAR GHXST 6 годин таму
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="738">12:18</a> that ain’t Jesus boy
Anwontaf Nosam
Anwontaf Nosam 7 годин таму
When y’all having kids!
Profit DotWS
Profit DotWS 7 годин таму
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a> hes not sorry thats what free markets are in america you cant blame him
Till All Are Fun
Till All Are Fun 8 годин таму
I wish the virus only effected people with a low IQ
Hannah Ellen
Hannah Ellen 8 годин таму
Used to have hope for my generation....now I do not
emma m
emma m 9 годин таму
as someone from nashville i promise 99% of those people were tourists
Brian Mc
Brian Mc 9 годин таму
Once again, Ethan shows how much he understands... nothing...
Bilbob Baggins
Bilbob Baggins 9 годин таму
Ethan doesn’t believe in natural selection
Jason 9 годин таму
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="222">3:42</a> I will bet money this clown is getting death threats on all social media platforms lmao
lil nug
lil nug 9 годин таму
the fact that people are buying up all the medical supplies doesn't tell you how bad the virus is, it tells you how bad the media induced panic is.
Miles Gregorash
Miles Gregorash 9 годин таму
The preacher looks evil as hell
Pantherboss1668 10 годин таму
way oh
Natalia Vazquez
Natalia Vazquez 10 годин таму
Was the pizza guy actually saying that 😂
Sarah Benoit
Sarah Benoit 10 годин таму
it is inevitable though. it’s not the same but it’s still a virus like flu. not saying that we shouldn’t take preventive measures, but this whole this is taking a toll on the economy and thus the our future. what’s worse, the death of thousands or the death of life as we know. that’s where we’re headed if this persists.
Tom Stephen
Tom Stephen 11 годин таму
Just realised that Ethan has coronavirus cough for his whole life
Cabbyla 11 годин таму
Papa Bless
Youtube Addiction
Youtube Addiction 12 годин таму
Liverpool was already a nuclear wasteland anyway
Alondra Hart
Alondra Hart 12 годин таму
Dougal McGuire
Dougal McGuire 12 годин таму
oh my god that preacher guy is actually Satan occupying a wax figure
Elf boy
Elf boy 13 годин таму
Ethan you remember that podcast with joji and malone ? Should we start creating our own personalized seed bags. Hahah
Supdude Itsdev
Supdude Itsdev 13 годин таму
P35t3R 0N3
P35t3R 0N3 13 годин таму
Lil Windex is going to be fine
Esther Vice
Esther Vice 13 годин таму
How does he get Michelle and Papa to talk about him? Is this a hired actor? CGI? SO impressed/confused
Otto Garvens
Otto Garvens 13 годин таму
You cannot have a 8 billion person population without massive inter species pandemics arising. If corona doesn’t get your weak ass immune system, next years virus will. The weakest of a population not being adapted enough for something like a virus is the entire basis of evolution. Death is certainly inevitable and artificially preventing deaths right now isn’t going to improve our situation in the future.
Sonney Ledger
Sonney Ledger 14 годин таму
Everyone in the comments talking about how the couple who just had a baby haven't been posting. Hmmmmm
Chris Prieto
Chris Prieto 15 годин таму
I’m down with waiting for years these types of vids to drop. 🔥🔥 So good!! 🔥🔥
Honeycomb 15 годин таму
Cleverguns YT
Cleverguns YT 15 годин таму
The Booger spreader
McManus the Fox
McManus the Fox 15 годин таму
Devin Fu
Devin Fu 16 годин таму
Way o
Baran Aygun
Baran Aygun 16 годин таму
Man the intro got me
Fusion 17 годин таму
Just go to one of these gatherings and start popping shots off. See how close these fuckers want to stay together then.
MrNoNamedIdiot 17 годин таму
look at the demographics of industrialized countries.... its good when old people die.
Gornflyin 17 годин таму
would some lovely nutjob PLEASE shoot Kenneth Copeland right in his greedy smug face....sigh :/
Unn Lykley
Unn Lykley 17 годин таму
old ppl been making young ppl drop dead forever
Léon Bottlaender
Léon Bottlaender 18 годин таму
Don't say sophisticated Europe if your showing videos from the UK
Julian Needs Blood
Julian Needs Blood 19 годин таму
Please only take out those homeless drug addicts that annoy and threaten people yo get more money for drugs.
Julian Needs Blood
Julian Needs Blood 19 годин таму
Finally. This is what I kept searching for before I gave up n stopped searching. Found this by chance.
SlayQueen 17
SlayQueen 17 20 годин таму
Oh, so they actually finally remembered their password. Cute.
Dolan Dunk
Dolan Dunk 20 годин таму
Bro, UK =/= Europe lol
Declan Longley
Declan Longley 21 годину таму
He says sophisticated Europe and went to Liverpool the crack house of England
Chloe Nicole
Chloe Nicole 21 годину таму
Everyone just stay home and don’t meet anyone. Incubation can be up to two weeks, you could have contracted it two week ago and been spreading it the whole time. So now all those people you came into contact with and everyone they came in contact with have it and there is a giant increase of cases and people who need to be in ICU but there simply isn’t enough beds or medical staff to cope all because you didn’t listen when told to stay home. It’s not hard. People who didn’t have underlying health problems are also dying, don’t think because you are young that you won’t have a chance of dying. Get a grip, you’ve had school cancelled and been told to go home and basically relax 👏
ERICtrical Brofist
ERICtrical Brofist 21 годину таму
That 1st spring break guy looks very familiar. Like some forgotten meme face or something along the lines of morons of memes. Idk
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher 21 годину таму
aasigraa 21 годину таму
Papa bless 😭
Black Swag
Black Swag 21 годину таму
Taking away my corona is against the second amendment 💪😎💪
Monster Hash
Monster Hash 22 години таму
I apologize for all of Tennessee’s behalf
pixie d
pixie d 22 години таму
Holy shit. I needed this. Crying.
Evelyn seiler
Evelyn seiler 23 години таму
boomer remover
Shubham Vashishth
Shubham Vashishth 23 години таму
Hey look its that podcast guy!
Terry McDermott
Terry McDermott Дзень таму
So gosh darn funny
Manuel Дзень таму
Oh no way! H3 Podcast makes videos? No way!
Ramey Abdole
Ramey Abdole Дзень таму
The people in Florida are either really drunk or suicidal
Vermiculo Дзень таму
Joshua Dunald
Joshua Dunald Дзень таму
That religious guy is scary than the virus itself.
Noah Guillen
Noah Guillen Дзень таму
Ethan: didn’t upload for 9 months Also Ethan: DUMBASSES OF CORANAVIRUS
Cmor Vlogs
Cmor Vlogs Дзень таму
Love the intro bru
Elmo Missing!!!
Elmo Missing!!! Дзень таму
Wait didn’t Ethan have a child or something? Does anyone still remember that?
Adrien Galvez
Adrien Galvez Дзень таму
Teddy Fresh should've made a anti dust mask
tallasianchick Дзень таму
fuckin' florida...
MrJamesonStyles Дзень таму
Ethan's coofing is perfect for the world we find ourselves in.
kd bandito
kd bandito Дзень таму
This could have been a 7 minute video if Ethan didn't bring that old man energy to this.
gollygeewonkers Дзень таму
Anyone notice that Ethan seems different? Like his comedic timing and delivery just aren’t where they used to be. And why is that annoying music playing in the background? Anyone else notice??
Señor Gordon Freeman
Señor Gordon Freeman Дзень таму
I'll lick a bathroom seat and post the video on my channel to finally make views.
Doge wizard
Doge wizard Дзень таму
We need to pull together, not as a family, community, nation, but as a species, we need to put aside all the petty fucking differences and feuds and just work together to fix this shit, and get people the help they need!
The Dude
The Dude Дзень таму
I wonder if he knows Kaceytron is a parody? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="335">5:35</a>
Miyuki Nishioka
Miyuki Nishioka Дзень таму
There are kids with Diabetes and inmune deficiency as well as teens and young adults, it affects everyone not only old people, I don’t think it is natural to die at 40 or 50 but those ages are also at risk of dying.
K Sting Gaming!
K Sting Gaming! Дзень таму
you know... maybe this virus would be ok if it only took out these kind of people.
Megan Carpeneto
Megan Carpeneto Дзень таму
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="281">4:41</a> my dumb ass thought that was Lizzo
Asa Mattson
Asa Mattson Дзень таму
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="309">5:09</a> Theodore Klein was found to have a compromised immune system and is now in critical condition due to complications from COVID-19. Ethan Klein has been arrested for child endangerment after spreading the virus by coughing violently spreading air droplets containing the COVID-19 virus.
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